Saturday, July 12, 2008

All right, already

I'm back.

First I had a kidney stone (ick) on the 26th, which ruined my weekend and left me feeling generally weak and shitty and not wanting to write.

Then I fell into a depression because I hadn't updated in a week, and no one seemed to notice or care.

Rule #1 of dealing with Palette: When she goes quiet, things aren't well. However, any show of attention is looked upon favorably by her.

Anyway, back to semi-regular updates.


  1. The problem is, and I know this from my own blog, that there's no place to post general stuff like "where are you?" and the like (and I find myself reluctant to put messages like that in post that are unrelated). And many of us are more likely to be posters than emailers.

  2. i checked every other day, and just assumed you had gotten busy or some such. I'll be more proactive in the future :-D

  3. I noticed you hadn't posted in a long time. I figured you were maybe working on your story.

  4. Not sure if you can see when/if somebody logs in, but I've got your blog on my Google homepage, so I know when you update something here =)


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