Friday, April 29, 2011

Poll me, baby, one more time

So, I've put up a poll, as you can no doubt see. Please, PLEASE give me your opinions; as a writer I really do live and die by feedback.

You will note that I have specifically left off an "Other" option. This is because "other" is too vague. If you have a preference which is not listed, then you'll have to leave me a comment below.

Heck, leave me a comment anyway! I love comments. Can't get enough of 'em. Tell me how great a job I'm doing, or how badly I suck, or that you want to have dirty filthy sex with me. Or all three, really. I'm not picky...


  1. Tough call. While I love all your stuff, the universe of Silence Do-Good and its alternate history angle has really grabbed my interest.

  2. All three over here, ma'am!

    I'd possibly move Curse/Or down the list - not because it's less worthy but because it seems like the hardest of the three to build an audience for, whereas a D&D setting and a work inspired by City of Heroes have a more immediate crowd in mind. Get the ready crowd hooked on your outpourings and baying your very name in helpless pleas for MORE PALETTE NOW DAMMIT and then present something original. Of the remaining two... I sort of prefer fantasy to superheroes, so my ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE ranking is Pellatarrum > Poor Richard's 'Verse > Curse/Or.

  3. i vote for stripper poll

  4. More of everything plz. Personal preference: PR-verse stuffs. Gun stuffs.* Pellatarum stuffs. Curse/Or stuffs. Ta.

    But no (dirty filthy) sex please, we're British.

    * not on the poll, but Do Want.

  5. I can't seriously the only one who ranks Curse/Or as my #1... Oh well. Here's your token dissenting vote.


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