Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Gunday: Objects of Desire

All the cool gunnie bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon of "What 5 guns would you get if price nor practicality were not an issue?"  Since I am the bratty little sister of the Gun Blog Black List, I figured I'd take a piece of this action myself.  

But here's the thing:  most of my choices are boring. This is due mostly to the fact that I am still new to the hobby, and while grognards like Tam and Robb have completed their arsenals and are merely looking for collector's pieces, I haven't finished my essentials list.

That said: 

1) Glock 26. This has less to do with any belief that polymer pistols from Austria are better, and more to do with the fact that because they are so numerous, prices for ammunition and magazines are going to be low. And since my Kel-Tec also eats 9mm Glock magazines, I can feed & maintain two firearms for the price of one. It is for logistical simplicity that I want a Glock rather than a cheaper 9mm with incompatible magazines.

2) Addendum to above: not truly a gun but an accessory to it, this li'l doodad makes me all tingly down below:

The ability to fire 100 rounds without reloading? And will fit both my carbine and pistol of desire? Oh yes please.

3) Kel-Tec KSG. 12 gauge. Twice the ammo capacity of a traditional pump shotgun. Dual tubes mean I can load one side with buckshot and the other side with slugs, birdshot, or whatever else I want for maximum versatility. It's a bullpup design so it's very, very short. And it comes with top and bottom picatinny rails. Plus it looks hella sci-fi.

4) Kel-Tec PMR-30. Yes, it's a pistol that shoots .22 magnum. It's small, it's light, it's easily concealable, and the recoil is negligible which means faster target reacquisition. Plus, it has a thirty round magazine. High capacity plus low recoil makes it ideal as a CCW for either myself or my septuagenarian mother.

5) Kel-Tec RFB. It probably says horrible things about my character that a majority of guns on my list are from Kel-Tec, but they're a Florida-based company, so I'm supporting my state economy. Also, they seem to understand what I want in a firearm. This baby also looks sci-fi, is another short bullpup, and fires a 7.62 NATO round -- which is almost the same thing as .308 Winchester, and because this is a civilian rifle the two are interchangeable (unless I am greatly mistaken, in which case please let me know!)

6) AK-47 or SKS. Because I am a fan of Russian durability, and there are hundreds of millions of rifles in the world that use this same round. Also, there are tons of accessory options for either of them.

Looking at this list, one can certainly see a theme developing:
  • I like short guns because I am a short person. 
  • I may not be a size (caliber) queen but I am definitely an ammo capacity junkie. More is always better.
  • I like the ability to accesorize. Lots of rail mounts for me, please. 
  • I like simple and rugged, because I don't trust myself not to be an incompetent klutz. 

So with all said, I'm going to break those rules and show you my last object of desire: the Alaskan Co-Pilot.

I don't know who she is, but I want her to play me in the TV movie about my life.
This beast is just beautiful. I don't know that I'd ever use it, and I'd go broke shooting it (unless I restricted myself to using .410 shotshells, which is like buying a Ferrari and not driving faster than 35 mph), but it's beautiful and elegant and has a crisp lever action and oh look, it unscrews into two pieces without changing the scope's zero:

I want all of these firearms, but the Alaskan there is the only one which has elicited from me a deep, longing lust. I have a term for this: getting a gunboner.


  1. Just saw your reply. This is mostly what I was referring to:

  2. Oh Hay,

    couple other contenders (hah) for you:

    o PTR-32 - the PTR-91/G3/HK family of .308s are nice, but $$$ to shoot; so, they make a 7.62x39 version.  basically a nice german gun that uses bulgarian  magazines to shoot russian ammo :)  not much more than a GOOD AK, and far better  imho.  SKS doesn't hold a candle here.  match grade barrel.  many fine accessories.  love it :)

    o RMR-30 - but you knew that - just not out yet - goooo KelTec.

    o AR57 :)  AR platoform with PS90 mags and ammo.  downward ejecting.  light.  50 rounds.  almost no recoil.  accurate as heck.  oh yeah.  KelTec has temporarily lost a sale on the RMR due to this :)

    having handled a KSG, i have to say: yowza.

    have shot extensively a PMR30 - GET ONE!

    there's some other thought, but well, MadMen :>


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