Thursday, May 29, 2014

Having trouble collecting my thoughts this week. Wonder why.

So sometime in the last week or so, some rich kid with too much money and too much time on his hands did a terrible thing, and between that and the internet's general knee-jerk reaction has put me in such a terrible mood that I can't really focus my thoughts terribly well.

That, and I realized far too late just how much fiber is in trail mix and spent most of the week with terrible cramps.

I have a few scattered thoughts to share while a much more positive message forms for next week.

  • 4 young men and 2 women are dead, and there are people using them to push their political agenda. Someone's life should not be political currency, even if you think you're the good guys.
  • If you're going to point a metaphorical shotgun with a wide spread at a crowd of people, don't be shocked if people in the crowd are offended when you pull the trigger, whether you were specifically aiming at them or not.
  • You've got one voice. You're entitled to use that voice to speak for exactly one person. You start saying everyone has the same experience as you, and that erases the experiences of people who've had it worse, better, or just merely different to you.
  • At the risk of being called an 'ableist' or just plain insensitive, the words of a crazy person are just that.

Coherent thoughts next week. For now I've lost my Ability Toucan and must replace it. I leave you with the internet's current version of logical thought for now:

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