Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So, about that cat shelter...

So here's what I did with my afternoon:
  1. Bought a cheap cooler and plastic bin at the Mart of Wals.
  2. Measured the difference in height between the interior and exterior of the cooler. 
  3. Cut a hole in the bin.

  4. Put the cooler in the bin and cut a hole through the foam.

  5. Made sure the holes matched up.

  6. Gorilla Taped the edges to make sure the cooler was secure and flush with the bin (and also to keep it from being damaged as the cat went in and out).

  7. Lined the interior with cushy foam, a heating pad (because mom's a softie) and a washable leopard print cloth to make the cat feel pampered and at home. 

  8. Made sure everything was lined up, with the door out of the wind, and put some kitty treats inside the shelter.

  9. Observed as cat refused to make use of its new shelter, choosing instead to sleep on the cold hard cement outside house.

This is why I prefer dogs.


  1. thats just a cat being its bullheaded self no matter how hard you try they are going to be difficult trust me i have three of them at home

  2. Good job all the same. Give the cat time.

  3. Must be a republican cat voting against it's interests that way.

  4. Cat. Pure and simple. Be owned by one for a'll get it...eventually...maybe... >:-D

  5. Ha! Yep, cat being cat. Give it a few days.

  6. Agree with above. That's a cat being a cat.

    I've NEVER seen a cat use any type of new "bed device" made for it. We have a mostly-outdoor cat who also turned down a new comfy warm bed in favor of ... not sure, really, but almost certainly not as comfy or warm. Cat being a cat, plain and simple.

    Does this cat trust you? As in, enough to approach, smell your hands, and receive pettings?

  7. Oh yes. We give him treats and pettings and he likes all these things.

    He just doesn't want to be an indoor cat, even when it gets below freezing.

  8. OK. I was wondering if the cat would feel differently about that shelter if you replaced the leopard-print cloth with an old shirt of yours. Unwashed, preferably - not to the point of smelling bad, just smelling like you, or someone, but not "new cloth".

  9. Oh, the reason for the cloth is because it's part of the cat's outdoor "nest". It already smells like him. I attempted to make the shelter smell as much like his old bed as possible.

  10. Ah. Well, hell, I've got nothing, then.

    Nice try, though. :)


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