Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm not sure this thing works..

So I set up an OKCupid profile.

Not that I'm looking or anything, but it'd be nice to know if there's someone out there that might share my interests. In my recommended matches one day, shortly after receiving a notification that somebody likes me, I log in to see this:
"cis-white-Queer hard femme-PAN SEXUAL-addict/alcoholic, CLEAN since 4/11/07- learning to play ukelele kinda?-community mental health social worker-VERY LOUD FEMINIST-devoted loner- serious book lover-dumpster diver-anti war, anti capatalist SMASH THE PATRIARCHYvery very way FAR LEFT OF LIBERAL-Ethnically Jewish-sorta spiritually all over-mountain biker-into home remedies/TEA from scratch/DIY witchy stuff, nature lover-ARTIST-prison abolishionist-poet wanna be-goth/punk since before you could buy it at a store- Mentally ill (stable kinda lol)-SEWING cool stuff is a hobby-lover of all stuffed animals-horrid speller- non smartphone owner...... just out of a five yr looking to date/get to know unusual and amazing ppl......."
OKC, I'm not sure you know what I'm looking for in a person... or who I am at all.

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