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Monday Gunday Palette's Product Reviews: Tandemkross Sub-2000 Accessories

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to Bryan Haaker, the Business Development Manager of a company called Tandemkross. TK makes all sorts of aftermarket accessories for firearms, and when I found out that some of those accessories were for the Kel-Tec Sub-2000, I knew I had to review them.

One email and phone call later (it turns out Mr. Haaker is a fellow gamer, and also subscribes to my "more accessories make a toy more fun" philosophy, so I can tell we're going to be good friends), I had many of their products headed my way for test & evaluation.

(I realize this will come as a shock to folks, but I actually didn't get every single S2K accessory that Tandemkross makes. This is because I have the Red Lion Precision front sight on my subbie, which renders TK's  upgrades for the stock front sight obsolete.)

Today I'm going to review three quick and easy upgrades you can make to your Sub-2000 to improve its aesthetic and performance.

Screw Upgrade Kit ($9.99)
These are 24 hex-button screws that replace the rather crappy Phillips screws which come on the stock S2K. Whereas the old screws had a tendency to deform under use and then snag clothing, scratch skin, and generally be a pain, these screws are pleasantly rounded and give my carbine a much more professional appearance.

There's not much to say about them other than "They install easily. They work." After all, they're screws. But they're very nice screws, and 24 of them not only replace the ones on the receiver, but also in the handguard, so if you have replaced the stock handguard with a rail system like I did, you'll end up with twice as many screws as you need. If that happens, I suppose you can put them in your tool box as spares, or perhaps give them to a friend with a Sub-2000.

This kit also comes with a properly-sized wrench and directions that not only have color photographs but are also clearly written! My inner English Major is delighted by this.

"Gator-Hide" Bolt Tube Sleeve ($14.99)
This is quite similar to the Bolt Tube Cover that Tacticool Products makes, and so comparisons are inevitable:
  • Feel: The TK sleeve has a pleasant textured surface and is made from a "sticky"-feeling rubber, while the TCP version is made from a smooth, plain rubber.
  • Installation: The "stickiness" mentioned above means that the TK version grips the metal and does not slide easily down the bolt tube, even with ample lubrication. The TCP version, however, slides on and off easily. 
  • Instructions:  TK continues its trend of delightfully complete directions with color photographs, which are really quite welcome when it comes to removing the buttstock. TCP's version also has detailed instructions, although I recall (it's been several years since I bought it) their photographs were in black and white. 
  • Fit: The TCP version is flush with both ends of the tube. The TK version, however, is 0.1" shorter, which leaves a notable gap. This doesn't affect performance but may be an aesthetic concern. The TK version does have a cut-out for the operating handle when it is locked back; the TCP version does not. 
  • Performance:  Both are roughly the same thickness (the TK version is 0.005" thinner, according to my calipers). I feel no difference between the two; they both do a good job padding and insulating the bolt tube. 
  • Price: The Tandemkross version is $14.99 and $5.49 shipping; the Tacticool Products version is $13.50 with free shipping. 
  • Conclusion:  While both are fine products, I have to give Tacticool Products the edge here; their version is the better buy. Sorry, Bryan. 

I absolutely adore this. Readers of my blog will know that I experimented with different ways to attach a single-point sleeve to my Sub-2000, starting with a sling loop that I modified to fit the stock, and then replacing that with a GG&G Sling Thing. While both of these solutions worked, neither of them worked especially well since the sling was attached to the rear of the carbine instead of the midpoint. 

The TK Single-Point Sling Mount solves all of my problems at once. It fits over the bolt tube collar (install it at the same time you're installing a tube sleeve for maximum convenience) easily and secures with one screw. Best of all, it's ambidextrous, with attachment points on either side. 

This is exactly what I wanted in a sling mount, and I got it.

Detailed color instructions come with this product as well. 

My Recommendations
You should definitely get the screw upgrade kit and the sling mount, but hold off on the bolt tube cover until it is more competitive with the Tacticool Products version.
Screw Upgrade Kit:  Grade A.  Does exactly what it says it does, and does it well.
Bolt-Tube Sleeve: Grade B. If it were the only sleeve on the market I would mark it higher. There's nothing truly wrong with it; it's just that the TCP version is easier to install and is less expensive.
Sling Mount: A+.  If you want a tactical sling for your Sub-2000, this is the one to get, bar none. 
Obligatory FTC Disclaimer: I received these products for free and did not receive payment in exchange for a good review. Go away. 

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