Thursday, September 3, 2015

Because I hate leaving good lines on Facebook

So apparently there's a "Transgender War on English" now? Wow. This is the first I've heard of it.

How exciting!  This does however lead to several burning questions:
  • Why was I not ordered to enlist or report for duty?
  • Where exactly are the front lines?
  • Do I need my Mosin?
  • Which side do I fight on, anyway? Because as David Blackard at BCP will tell you, I am an intense grammarian; but yet I am also trans. 
  • Do I still get to wear my witch costume if I end up fighting against political correctness?
I need to know these things!

And god bless my Facebook friends. They came up with some good lines, too:
Did you miss the draft? Oh good grief, seriously? Well ... I don't know what to say. Millions of letters went out. Oh dear god, I hope the addresses weren't mis-spelt. The shame.
I think you might be called to referee.
I can't say whether you would NEED your Mosin, but it's always a fine fashion statement.
But this is my favorite:
Perhaps because you're just in the Transgender Militia, which is only activated after the Active Transgender Army, Transgender Reserves and Transgender Inactive Ready Reserve. Surely the National Transgender Guard would be committed long before the Transgender Militia.

In conclusion, take it away, Eddie Izzard:

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