Thursday, October 8, 2015

Seeing if I can start a trend

I gave Salem the night off because he's dealing with more dental problems. Also, he's promised me a real barn-burner of a post next week, and when he gets his ire up he does good work, so I'm giving him a week to recuperate and fully get his dudgeon on.

So yesterday, my friend Sean Sorrentino posted this image on Der Lederhosen:
As someone who attended the 2015 NRA Convention, I can tell you a few things with absolute certainty:
  1. That is indeed the press room at NRACon, where bloggers (like me) got their media badges. 
  2. I open carried the entire time I was there (last year, too) and no one -- not con staff, not security, not even the police I would occasionally see walking the floor -- said anything about the pistol on my hip. Lots of folks complimented me on my holster, though. 
  3. The middle person is Dennis Badurina of Dragon Leatherworks. He has a distinctive holster. 

In less than an hour, we had positively identified all three men: 
  1. The man on the right is Uncle from SaysUncle. (Identified by Sean, confirmed by self)
  2. The man in the middle is indeed Dennis. (Identified by lots of us, confirmed by self)
  3. The man on the left, and the last identified, is Adam of Guns, Cars, and Tech. This is funny because he's Sean's co-host on the Gun Blog Variety Cast, but Sean didn't recognize him -- someone else had to point out to Sean that it was his co-host!
The point of all of this is that the gunblog community can identify some of its members just based on their carry pieces and holsters, and I find that amusing.

To continue this trend, I'm going to post a picture of my carry rig for easy identification, and hope that other gunnies will do the same.

Fellow gunnies, post your pics!

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