Thursday, December 17, 2015

May the Weather Be With You (tonight)

Salem isn't going to have a post for tonight, because he claims he has a long meeting before work, and that's when he writes his article. Myself, I sorta suspect he's sneaking out to watch the new Star Wars movie.

Ne that as it may, here is a delightfully nerdy and punny weather forecast performed by a charming and pretty Nottinghamshire lass.

There are supposed to be 12 puns in that forecast, but I only counted nine:
  1. "if you Luke farther west"
  2. "if you're Wookiee"
  3. "the Force is strong though"
  4. "the weather strikes back"
  5. "Don't be a trooper"
  6. "if you're forced to awaken"
  7. "it will be on the Dark Side"
  8. "Far, far away"
  9. "there's a New Hope for some sunshine"
Which ones did I miss?

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