Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Two Clips from GRPC 2016

Okay, okay; they're actually just different parts of the same clip. But this clip is five and a half hours long, so I think you'll be okay with me splitting this into two parts.

The first part is where John Richardson, a friend of mine who is actually speaking before the conference, mentions me and Operation Blazing Sword during his speech:

Of course, I wasn't there to hear him mention me, because... well, there's a funny story to that:

I was sitting at the end of the row, dressed as a female (and apparently passing nicely) with Sean to my immediate left. Gail Pepin walked up to our row, walked past me, and crouched down to talk to Sean. Their conversation went something like this:
Gail: Do you know where Erin is?
Sean: Erin Palette?
Gail: [nods]
Sean: Erin Palette, my co-host?
Gail: Uh-huh.
Sean: The Erin Palette who's sitting [gestures with his finger at me] right over there?
Gail: [turns, looks at me, is horrified]

Meanwhile, I am grinning like a loon through all this.

Gail: [walking over] I am so sorry...
Me: Oh, honey, don't you even worry about it. The last time you saw me, I looked [makes facial hair gestures] different. That you didn't recognize me is about the biggest compliment you can pay me!

And so she crouched down in the aisle to talk about the logistics involved in me travelling to Live Oak, FL to attend a MAG-40 class at the same time that John was talking. And so, because I didn't want to be rude to John by talking during his speech, and because I wanted to hear Gail properly, I left the conference room to talk, because when the Princess of Podcasting, Pixels and Polymer Pistols speaks to you, you give her your full attention dammit.  And that's why I wasn't there when Operation Blazing Sword was mentioned to a conference room full of attendees.

(Yes, I realize I sound like I am shamelessly name-dropping, and perhaps I am, but I'm not doing it to impress you or sound sophisticated; I'm doing it because these are legitimately cool people and they chose to grace me with their attention, and I want to thank them for that.)

This second clip is from after the conference had ended. Paul Lathrop, who has talked to me before, wanted me to speak in a video livestream about Operation Blazing Sword. This caused me to freak out somewhat (see Monday's post for more details on that), and so I had agreed to do it only if Nicki Stallard was there with me so I didn't feel so freakish and alone.

Of course, by this time I'd been in full-on girl-mode for over 2 days, so I was feeling much more comfortable and at ease with myself,which (hopefully) shows in my interview. I've also been quite graciously told that my appearance, voice, and body language are all quite feminine, and while I'm not specifically trolling for compliments here (although they would be nice), I'd enjoy useful criticism on same.

There's one more interview which hasn't yet aired (you know I'll link to it when it drops), and I'm proud to announce that I will be a guest on Gun Freedom Radio this Saturday at 1:30 Pacific Time (that's 4:30 Eastern). I hope you'll tune in!

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