Friday, January 6, 2017

Because I don't like leaving good material on Facebook

"Racist, Bush's fault" has been replaced with "Racist, Trump's fault." Please update your self-flagellexicon accordingly.

(Yes, I coined the term "flagellexicon". You may use it in your personal dealings; just credit me if asked.)

This is just a friendly reminder that it's not politically correct to misgender people while insulting them. The proper terms of deploring are:
  • Shitlord (male)
  • Shitlady (female)
  • Shitperson (gender neutral)
If you wish to indicate a teenager/young adult, you may use
  • Shitlad (male)
  • Shitlass (female)
  • Shitteen & Shittwenty (neutral)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Shitlady Erin Palette

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