Monday, April 24, 2017

Checking In From the ATL

Hi everypony!

I admit that I've been quiet this past week -- big hugs and thank-yous to everyone who checked in on my to ask if I was all right! The truth of the matter is that no, I wasn't all right, but I was taking care of myself and getting better.

On April 14th (the Friday before last), a good friend of mine named Donavan Lambertus passed away. Don was a fellow Traveller grognard (go check out his vector scaleable Quick Decks, they're amazing) and also helped out with data entry during the crazy early days of Operation Blazing Sword. His death really affected me, and it intersected with my monthly bout of feeling blue and not wanting to deal with anyone or anything, and so I just took the week off in order to get the space needed to retain my sanity.
Unfortunately, there may very well be silence from me for another week; fortunately, it's for a much happier reason. I'm in Atlanta right now, staying with friends and getting a makeover in preparation for the NRA Annual Meeting. When the meeting starts, I'm going to be quite busy; not only wll I be oohing and ahhing at all the nifty stuff on display, I'm also going to be meeting with people in order to spread the word about Operation Blazing Sword (and hopefully get some corporate sponsorship for it as well). Oh, and I'm also scheduled to appear on Cam & Company during the convention. On camera. No pressure, right? [Erin begins doing combat breathing exercises to prevent panic]

Speaking of meeting people, if you're at NRA this year (or if you live near Atlanta) and you'd like to meet me, send me an email or a PM on Facebook or leave a comment below and let's schedule a time and place to meet!

One more thing before I go: I'm pleased to announce that the Operation Blazing Sword storefront is now carrying my signature "Concealed Carry is herd Immunity Against Crime" design for both dark and light shirts. We also have stickers, and they're only $2.50 each!

All proceeds go to my charity, so please buy early and buy often!

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