Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

That's basically what Oleg said when he first saw my heavy modified Mosin-Nagant, although he was quoting Goya at the time. (Click link for more sexy pics of my Mosin.)

As much as I adore that quote (because it sums me up so very well), I have to say that I am far more flattered by his own words here: "This visual offense against good design actually shoots fairly well". "Visual offense" actually tickles me, since I've never found the stock Mosin configuration to be anything more than "Is rifle. It works. What else you expect?"

I have sporterized this rifle so much that the only original parts are the bolt, receiver, barrel, and bayonet. I am certain that the purists will begin howling with outrage at how I've bastardized and bubba'd it, but my response to them is the same as always: 

Fuck you, this is my rifle. I can paint it pink and put glitter on it if I want. Nothing I do to my rifle affects yours in any conceivable way whatsoever. 

Some can argue whether or not I've improved it over the original. I can state without reservation that I've improved how it performs for me when I fire it. Whether it's improved for anyone else is irrelevant, because fuck you it's my gun. You're more than welcome to laugh at it, because even I will admit it's a Frankenstein's Monster of a rifle; just don't think you can argue with me about it. 

Modifications are as follows:
  • ATI fiberglass stock with Monte Carlo grip
  • Limbsaver recoil pad
  • UTG all-steel scope mount 
  • 2-7x32 long eye relief scope
  • Winchester bipod (bought at Wal-Mart)
  • Accu-Shot monopod
  • Pull-ring safety/cocking knob (single machined piece, not brazed or welded)
  • Timney trigger  (review of which will come later)
  • Bedded action
  • Floated barrel
  • Limbsaver barrel de-resonator 
  • Buttstock shell holder and pouch
  • "Avada Kedavra" written in silver nail polish

This is my killing curse. 
There are many like it, but this one is mine.


  1. That is the coolest MN I have ever laid eyes on.

  2. Makes sense to me!  The Wal-Mart accessories, the Timney trigger, glass-bedding, all double-up on the original chassis and improve it.

  3. Mr. Galt, you are welcome in my gulch any day. :D

  4. I made the same mistake with b-square style scope mounts ... those fall off fast.

    I went to an S&K scout mount on mine and never had another problem with it.

  5. It's not like you are destroying a collectible, there were tons of them made. All that matters is that you like it.

    When I saw that first pic it took a minute to recognize the bayonet, it looked like a long-assed pointed barrel. far out have you shot with it?

  6. I see what you did there, Jeff.  >.>

  7. Sadly, my local range only goes out to 100 yards.  I've heard there a 200 yard up in the Ocala National Forest, but I don't feel like driving several hours just to shoot. 


  8. Do you think you could shoot a qualifying score at an Appleseed with it?

    I think my Mosins are really cool, but I need to do something about the recoil.  I don't think I could shoot several hundred rounds through it over a weekend.  Suggestions welcome.

    Before I try to shoot a qualifying score with a Mosin, I'm going to shoot on with my PSL.  Same great caliber, but with autoloading and a 10 round magazine.

  9. What you've done to your rifle does have an affect on mine.  Eventually it will increase the value of my unaltered guns.

    It happens with all milsurps; the crushing numbers of Mosins means it will not happen for a long time though.

    The purists screaming about modifying this gun are more in the world where the gun in question is no longer an "el cheapo" but an unaltered original is now a rare and valuable treasure.  Going Bubba on an original Krag _IS_ a sin.  Especially since there are so many well done pre-bubba'd examples for sale out there.

    Like the Mosin now, the Krag was once a "buy 'em by the barrel" gun.  And the Trapdoor before it.

  10. Did the de-resonator make a noticeable difference in accuracy/precision? 

  11. Can you link to the recoil pad you use/  I can't tell if it is a slip-on or screw on.

  12. Certainly! It's the Large Limbsaver Slip-on Recoil Pad.  What's nifty is that the ATI stock comes with an integral recoil pad as well, and this one slips over it, giving me twice the recoil padding!

    At this point I've managed to reduce it from a sharp kick to a hard shove. Same amount of force, but it's stretched over a longer period of it. 

  13. where did you get the cool pull ring thing?

  14. From Michael Battersby at  Sadly, he doesn't have it up for sale on his website, and he doesn't answer my emails.  Since he's not selling it, I see no point in reviewing it.... which is too bad, because it's really cool and I'd like to drive more business his way. 

  15. I see nothing wrong here.
    It's YOUR gun, and if you like it, and you can shoot it, that's what counts.

    I've got a Boyd's stock on one of my M44s, with the front sight removed, and the rear sight machined off, and a custom scope mount. The stock comes with a factory installed butt pad.
    It's got a trigger job, and a little work done to the bolt and bolt handle as well.
    It makes the purists cry, because it isn't original, and shooting it isn't painful
    (as it should be, I guess.)

    My favorite 9130 is one that someone on one of the firearm homebuilding forums I'm on changed up a bit, he rebarreled it in .338 Lapua magnum, put the same stock on that you have on yours, and put on a Rock Solid scope mount. It made for an awesome single shot .338 lapua mag rifle that cost under 300 bucks.

    I know it's beyond the scope (no pun intended) of most people to install, but the best Nagant scope mounts I've seen or used are these.
    Perfect fit and finish, and excellent reliability. Requires use of a drill and tap, though.

  16.  For the 91/30s maybe,  but I could turn my first Mosin (a Hungarian M44 I got for $80 out the door) around for probably twice its price now.

    I hate to see a rifle bubba'd.  Still I suspect Erin's work on this gun and her obvious pride is well worth the degradation in collect-ability.

    Also for as hacked and chopped you make an old war horse, it never changes that it is still indeed an old war horse.

    McThag, IIRC you don't have all your origonal parts count from the days you were on a tank crew, amirite?  :)

  17. I'm not 100% sure just yet. I put it on mainly to help reduce muzzle whip, and it was such a pain that I'm going to leave it on unless I absolutely have to remove it. 

    Now that I have the action bedded and a new trigger installed, I need to shoot it at a proper range with proper targets so I can accurately gauge the improvements. 

  18. I'd like to point out that nothing I've done is permanent, and Izzy can be returned to stock configuration at any time. 

  19. Pink with glitter would actually be pretty cool

  20. I can't imagine why anyone would care what someone else did do their gun. It's pretty cool looking.

  21.  I agree. While we don't have one yet, a Mosin is on the wish list.  If/when we do get one though due to my wife's small hands and shorter arms than mine, a stock like that (or better yet one that adjusts) would be a requirement in our situation.

  22.  My Bad on that assumption.   If everything is 100% reversible, then your mod-job is 100% awesome!

  23. That is beyond cool.  Mr last AR is high modified.  It's MY AR, not a collectible.  Oleg, as always did an incredible job with the photos.

  24. I don't know if anyone makes an adjustable stock for a Mosin. Let me know if you find one!

  25. Erin- I want to see some targets!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Here is place to get a pull ring

  27. i like the overall effect.  if it has good affect, all the better...

    is that a safety left on the right side directly above the trigger?

    mmm, timney.  might be an interesting thing to do someday, though the trigger on the M439 is like glass :D

  28. Yes, there is a safety lever. It's part of the Timney Trigger. 

  29.  Safety?  Is rifle.  Is meant to be dangerous.  What sort of Bourgeois abomination have you attached to such a pure expression of Mother Russia?

  30. It's actually a performance piece whereby I am symbolically re-enacting Russia's abandonment of Soviet austerity and its embrace of Capitalist extravagance. 

    That's why it has TWO safeties: redundancy is decadence. 

  31. yes, the rifle had an ORIGINAL safety since the dawn of the red sun.  though yankee dogs usually do not know this :}

  32. I found this blog due to a Post I posted on reddit about my wife receiving gun parts and MLP stuff. Some on reddit call bs on a woman liking gun,gear,  and MLP. Thanks for showing she that she is not alone. 

  33. Hello my names Mark i have 2 mosins, acarbine and a 91/ them both workin quite well....its nice to meet a person who enoys some of the same stuff.

  34. I think something like 37,000,000 of these were built. The criticism on modifying historical firearms goes back to having so many of the '03 Springfields modified that it is almost impossible to find an unmodified version. That being said, your rifle looks cool. Bud's guns ( has m44s m38s 91/30s and Type 53s (chinese). No, I don't have any financial gain from this. (I am gonna look into that recoil pad, with arthritis in both shoulders it will be helpful).


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