Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Week From Heck

I can't really call it "The Week From Hell" because I know that things can always get worse.

Here's the short version. I had hopes of getting caught up this afternoon by writing back-dated posts for the past week but I had the chance to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming so I took it. (Go watch the movie, it's Amazing.) I'll likely just turn this into blog posts for next week, because I'm tired of playing catch-up.

But just in case I don't, here are the highlights:
  1. On Monday, I received a call from Peter Brownell, the President of the NRA. We talked for 45 minutes on how the NRA can be more inclusive and welcoming to LGBTQ individuals. 
  2. Also on Monday, Florida started having thunderstorms every afternoon. These storms cause intense sinus headaches for me, because the weather brings a pressure change (either as the storm comes in or when it leaves) and the sinus cavities within my skull try to normalize with the outside pressure but cannot do so due to my allergies/ This means I just have to take painkiller and/or take to my bed and wait for the pressure to equalize and the pain to subside. 
  3. This pretty much tanked all the creativity I have, because constant pain is a bit of a wet blanket. 
  4. The announcement that I and Operation Blazing Sword would be working with the NRA to help make it more inclusive was not met with favor by some people. In fact, some considered it a betrayal to the LGBTQ community, while others just thought the NRA was insincere (lying) and/or using us. While I am always happy to listen to the objections of others, this rapidly turned into a verbal blanket party that lasted for about three days. 
  5. By Thursday, I'd had enough and drafted up an Official Statement On the Matter, along with a clarification regarding our Policy On Receiving Comments and Criticism
  6. I am drafting a Mission Statement to further explain, hopefully in precise detail, why working with organizations which reach out to us is indeed part of our purpose. 
So being in pain, monitoring the various threads, and crafting a precisely-worded mission statement is what has consumed most of my available time this week. Fun, eh?

Hopefully next week will be more productive. 

1 comment:

  1. Bogons. Bogons everywhere.

    The media assassination campaign against the NRA really has gotten bad. Most of my liberal friends can't actually tell me anything that the NRA actually does only that it's evil. They don't know anything about training Outreach range safety officers funding ranges Marksmanship programs. All they know is that some news source said that the NRA Advocates killing babies.

    I guess what bugs me the most is that people in your group act on that sort of disinformation without really looking at it.

    I think more Outreach by the NRA would be a fantastic thing and resolve a few of my issues with the organization. No organization is perfect and while I prefer groups like The GOA, the NRA does a good job in its self-perceived limited sense.


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