Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Big GRPC 2017 News

If you're one of my Facebook friends, you saw this last Monday.

If you listen to GunBlog VarietyCast Radio, you heard my announcement in this week's podcast.

But just in case you've been living under a rock, yet somehow can still read blog posts, here is the formal announcement:
I'm going to be speaking at this year's Gun Rights Policy Conference in Dallas, Texas.

I don't yet know what day or time I'll be speaking; I'm going to guess Sunday afternoon, because I'm just not that important.

I also don't know which panel I'll be on, or how much time I'll have to talk (but probably not very long), or what I'll be speaking on (although the smart bet is on "Something related to Operation Blazing Sword and/or LGBTQ and Guns".)

People keep telling me I shouldn't be so down on myself, so I'm pleased to announce that while this invitation caused me to freak out, not once did I think inviting me was a horrible mistake.

If you'll be in the area, come by and say hi!

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