Saturday, December 16, 2017

The "Santa Paws Tree"

Those of you who listen to GunBlog VarietyCast Radio know that our pets get their own Christmas tree, dubbed the "Santa Paws" tree by my mom. Just in case you thought I was perhaps exaggerating about such a thing, I present to you photographic evidence of its existence.

The tree itself.

Tree skirt with paw-print motif. 
Mom made this herself. 

One of the light-up ornaments, with wolves on top. 
Wolves are very close to being dogs, you see. 

Another style of wolf ornament. 

It's worth noting that this tree went up and was decorated a full week before the tree for the humans went up. The reason is more logistical than sentimental: It's smaller, pre-lit, and has a fixed number of ornaments on it, which means it goes up faster and easier. It's sort of an "instant Christmas spirit" as opposed to the people tree, which requires work to assemble and a metric assload of ornaments.

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  1. I like it...and I don't think it strange. But then I also work with dog rescues...So I am probably biased!


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