Saturday, July 21, 2018

Join Me at the Big Pro-Gun Rally July 28th in Tallahassee

Next Saturday, July 28th -- a week from today -- I will be speaking at the Big Pro-Gun Rally in Tallahassee, Florida. There will be other speakers as well, all more important or more influential or more famous than I am, such as Jon Gutmacher and Hickock45.

The rally itself starts at noon with music by Gene Loy, and then the speakers will take the stage from 2pm - 4pm. There will probably be more music afterwards. 

Concealed carry is both legal and expected. Speaking of expected, there will likely be press there as well, so if you plan to attend, please be on your best behavior (see "Rally Etiquette and Conduct", below) because you can bet they will do their best to paint us in a bad light. 

There are rumors that David Hogg will be in Tallahassee with a counter-rally. That's fine; he has First Amendment rights. He will however not be allowed to counter-protest at our rally; we have assurances from the Capitol Police that they cannot come on Capitol grounds because we have the area officially reserved. 

Come by and say hi! I'll give you a hug and a business card, and maybe even a sticker if I have any left. 

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