Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence (from fear) Day

Not to brag, but while y'all were having cookouts and watching fireworks and generally sweltering in the heat, I was helping my young Texan friend find a trainer.

So here's the short version: not a day after I'd posted my request for gunnies in the Houston area, I was contacted by a gentleman known as Steve Griffiths who said "Erin, I may know someone who might be able to help. I have forwarded a link to your post to them. Sorry I can't be of more assistance."

Well, he shouldn't have been sorry, because the person he was talking about contacted me that afternoon. Her name is Lori Townsend, and she's had a CHL for 10 years now. She also lives in Houston and, as you might have guessed, is female. Not only does this alleviate the "stranger anxiety" that might occur with meeting an unknown male, Lori will also be able to address female-specific concerns such as pistol weight and grips for girl-sized hands.

Want to know what's ironic? Both Lori and Steve are friends of Oleg Volk -- the same man who helped me get my own carry pistol and permit. I swear, Oleg is the social center of the gunnie world.

At any rate, I introduced YTM and Lori and they got along like gangbusters. They've exchanged phone numbers and are making arrangements around work schedule and child care to go out to the range. Lori is going to bring her mini-arsenal of pistols of shoot so that YTM can experience difference models and calibers. And, of course, she's going to get the basic lessons of gun safety and operation. Hopefully her husband, too, who is completely on-board with her owning and carrying a gun.

So right now, the plan is this: Lori and YTM (and Mr. YTM is possible) meet, learn proper firearms safety, squeeze of a couple hundred rounds, and hopefully our gal will have a good idea of what kind of gun she wants. Then Lori will help her with the paperwork of getting a CHL. Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to chip in some money so that she can afford that pistol and permit, and god willing, maybe a shotgun for the house and some extra ammo and training and whatever else.

Donations may be sent via PayPal to [email redacted]. As soon as I can get a button set up (most likely, I'll have to have her set it up and then send me the code) I'll post it front and center on my blog.

And if you're in the area and are willing to donate training, range time, ammo, or anything else, that's also great. You can either leave a comment here or email her directly.

Let's help this young lady be independent from fear and welcome her into our ranks!


  1. Bravo! Sounds like she'll learn a ton, shoot a bunch of guns, and hopefully be locked and loaded (safely!) in no time!!

  2. Great job, Erin.

  3. Just paying it forward. You guys helped me, and now I'm in a position to help another.

  4. Love this!! Great job!

  5. Thanks AGirl! If you could help spread the word about this I'd appreciate it!

  6. Good show!

    The ability to find and link people like this is one of the 'net's real strengths.

    Though it seems you could just call Oleg instead.

  7. Though it seems you could just call Oleg instead.
    Seems that way sometimes, doesn't it?

  8. Lori is awesome:

  9. Hey everyone! 

    I'm YTM. I can't believe how awesome and supportive everyone has been! As it stands, I've already received $30 in donations. THAT IS AMAZING!! I'm so excited in watching my goal get closer and closer!
    My husband and I are both very excited to learn some new things, get a gun, and be able to protect ourselves and our most precious possession- our 6 month old daughter.
    If anyone has any questions, feel free to drop me a line at vivaveronika AT gmail. com. I check it often, and would be glad to have a discussion with anyone, or answer any questions.
    And, again THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH!! 

  10. WHo gives a shit. Quit begging. Make her husband take care of her..I bet you are a Democrat....

  11. Cowardly troll's email is (probably a throwaway account) and his IP address is .

    Your move, shitheel. 


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