Friday, March 15, 2019

Official Operation Blazing Sword - Pink Pistols statement on the New Zealand mosque terror attack

Do not allow yourself to be programmed by the perpetrator's attempts to influence your thinking. 

His entire intent was to do just that in the most brutal and horrific way possible. Extreme acts get past our mental filters and allow whatever those acts carry to get into our minds. This was an attempt to project an image upon the walls of our psyches, to overshadow our thinking and to instill his own agenda into our brains.

Deny him this.

If you allow his acts of brutality to turn you against your fellows, to lash out at YouTubers, to try to enact laws depriving others of their rights, to vilify in any way people who were not there and had no part in the horror show of this man's acts, then you serve the deeper purposes of that murdering lunatic and you should be ashamed.

Deny him this.

Instead, think upon the people who were brutally murdered by this sick individual, murdered so that he could force his memetic poison into your brains and cause you to take it up and transmit it onward.

Deny him this by thinking with compassion for those whose lives came to an untimely end, and the loved ones they leave behind. Cast aside his viral program of division, hate, and evil, and instead reach out with love to those who survived.

Remember Christchurch.

Do not be manipulated by Christchurch.

Act with compassion.

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