Thursday, May 9, 2019

Unknown Armies Episode 6

I know that Unknown Armies is supposed to be about "furious action and transcendental horror", but I really enjoy throwing in loads of Grand High Mystical Weird Shit at the PCs and seeing if they make any sense of it.

Unfortunately, it feels like in this case the PCs didn't have any interest in making sense of things. UA works best if the PCs are proactive, but I think I'll need to break out the Plot Whip (Hyaa! Git along, li'l PCs!) and drive them into "Do stuff or die" territory.

The really interesting thing about this session is that most of the background material is real. The Beto 2020 campaign really is ripping off the Whataburger asthetic, and there really is a profile portrait of him made in a farmer's field outside Austin. I just gave it some magickal significance.

I'm really trying for a "Texas Gothic" aesthetic. Not sure if I'm succeeding.

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