Friday, December 6, 2019

It's Been a Week

And it shows no signs of stopping. Fortunately, I'm feeling fighty and so far I've come out on top each time. Let's play the highlight reel, shall we?

I spent a good chunk of last weekend arguing with some hard-right Christians, and by that I mean they are the type who think it's the height of discourse to shout questions at me, ignore my answers, and then post memes such as a picture of an electrified Pence with the word "REPENT" at the bottom. Remarkable, truly remarkable, gentlemen; shouting at people is clearly the best way to get them to agree with you!

I spent far too much time trying to use logic and Biblical citations for my argument, but they weren't interested in listening. Instead, with the perfect clarity of hindsight, I should have said this:
"I already told you that I accepted Christ as my savior. If you don't think that I'm saved, then your problem isn't with me; your problem is that you think my queerness is somehow more powerful that Christ's love and redemptive sacrifice. Your failure of faith does not require me to justify myself to you."
I'll keep this in my back pocket for next time, and perhaps it will bypass a lot of the BS in the future.

However, this ties into an old hobby horse of mine: people who claim that the Bible condemns all non-cishet people. I've previously dismantled the various claims which people like to trot out, but last weekend brought me to a level of rage where I lost my decorum and basically told people to nut up or shut up.
If you use the Old Testament as justification for why I and other queer people need to repent and "stop being queer", then you can be sure I'm gong to ask why you aren't following Leviticus 20:13 which calls for the death of all homosexuals.

Look, cupcake, you don't get to cherry pick the Bible like that. If you're bound by the Old Law, then you have to follow ALL OF IT. No bacon cheeseburgers, no shellfish, no mixing of fabrics, no getting tattoos, no shaving your face, no associating with menstruating women if you're a man, no wearing trousers if you're a woman, and most importantly, you've got put abominations like me to death.

What, you don't want to go to jail for murder? Well, that's certainly a dilemma. It looks like you only have three choices:
  1. Do the deed, be punished here on Earth (maybe even being put to death), but at least you'll get your eternal reward;
  2. Not follow God's Law, in which case you're sinning every day you don't put queer people to death. That won't look good for you come the Final Judgement;
  3. or maybe realize that you're no longer bound by Levitical law, either because you're a Christian and Christ abolished all that, or because you're Jewish and with the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem the old nation of Israel ceased to exist and with it the laws that governed it.
Regardless of what you choose, though, I'm not going to let you beat me over the head with Lev 18:22 if you don't have the courage to follow up with Lev 20:13. And if you do have the courage... well, that's why I carry a gun for self-defense.
It's neither classy nor ladylike, but there's something so viscerally cathartic about looking at someone and saying "Do it, pussy-boy. Or don't you have the balls?"

Speaking of pussy-boys, I'd like to point out that Chris Hill hasn't fulfilled his promise to pay $100 to anyone who glitter-bombed the Nov 9 rally in Washington DC. Here's a screenshot of my comments -- three weeks ago, and today -- on his video.

For someone who makes such a big deal about integrity, he seems unlikely to honor his promise. Not being a man of your word is quite a terrible thing among three percenters (III%), and every time he makes a video I'm going to make sure that everyone knows about this.

And then there's this guy.
"I don't care what you do at home but this is too much." 

Translation: "Queer people make me intensely uncomfortable so I wish they'd just shut up and go back into the closet where I don't have to acknowledge their existence."

I'm the 'drag queen' he's talking about, by the way, despite having been told that I'm a transwoman and not a drag queen. He's upset that I spoke at the Nov. 9 Declaration of Restoration, and I know that because one of his other identities said so.

Yes, I said other identities. He has three: David Wright III, David A. Wright III, and David Allen. Presumably he has so many because he keeps catching 30-day bans?

I didn't even bother to engage this guy. Flak is always heaviest right over the target, and if I'm catching crap from the likes of him then I know I'm where I need to be. People like this you don't debate; you just sass them and show that you won't be pushed around. I'm certain that it infuriates them when I refuse to shut up or be ashamed.

Now that the far toxic right has discovered me, I can compare with them the far toxic left. As expected, the far toxic left hates me because I'm pro-gun, and the far toxic right hates me because I'm transgender. What's interesting, though, is how they express their hatred of me.

The far toxic left prefers to unperson me: they call me a traitor, say that I'm not a "true" transwoman, and either ignore me or block me. While this approach has a certain purity which I find refreshing, it does rather put the lie to their desire for a conversation about guns.

The far toxic right, on the other hand, will pretend to engage in conversation but will simply shout their beliefs over and over without listening to what I say. This is far more frustrating because I can't tell the difference between far right and far toxic right until I've already engaged in conversation, and I have a certain stubbornness where I convince myself that if I can just get this one point through to them then surely they'll see the error of their ways, when in fact I'm just playing chess with a pigeon.

The far toxic left wants my body to die because I believe in armed self-defense and they'd prefer I was disarmed so I can be victimized by criminals, all in the name of making society better.

The far toxic right wants my soul to die because they can't see past my plumbing and they'd prefer I be forced into their version of what I should be, regardless of how miserable that would make my existence, all in the name of making society better.

It's funny, though: prior to my transition, when I was a straight male, I had a hell of a time getting women interested in my genitalia. Now that I'm a trans lesbian, suddenly everybody -- men, women, gay, straight, and all the in-betweens -- is suddenly very concerned about what I may be packing under my dress, and not in a fun "You're cute, let's get naked" way.

Sugarplums, I hate to break it to you like this, but if what I have between my legs is causing you anxiety, that says way more about you than it does about me... and not in a good way. And if you want to hurt me, you've got to try harder than calling me fat and ugly. These are names that I call myself every morning...

...and then I get all glam'd up and look & feel fabulous for the rest of the the day!

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