Saturday, April 25, 2020

Psychokinesis: A Discipline for V5

Here's a weird thing about Vampire: the Masquerade: even though popular fiction is rife with vampires flying without turning into bats, there's not a single vampire clan or bloodline within the game which has this ability. Nor do they have any form of telekinesis, which has always been a popular vampire ability for setting the mood by opening books, closing doors, or snuffing candles remotely. The closest they ever came was in making the Movement of the Mind thaumaturgical path, which meant only those vampires who knew thaumaturgy could get it (and boy, was thau guarded jealously by the Tremere), and only as an afterthought. V5 doesn't even have that.

For a game that's supposed to embrace (heh) vampires in all their folkloric and pop-cultural glory, this seems like a huge gaffe to me, so I fixed it. I took Movement of the Mind and turned it from a V20 thaumaturgical path to a V5 discipline that anyone can get -- at least, in theory, as it's a rare discipline whose possession is seen as a matter of prestige (unless of course the GM changes that.)

Now your V5 game can have vampires who creepily glide over surfaces, fly like the Lost Boys, and who can telekinetically hurl objects!

Here it is in Google Document format.  Your feedback is most welcome.

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  1. I haven’t played since second edition, but isn’t patagia still an option? Or did that just allow gliding?


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