Monday, May 3, 2021

Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 151: CRY SOME MORE!


In This Episode
  • Erin and Weer’d talk about an editorial written by yet another gun prohibitionist in deep despair, and then discuss the leaked ATF Document which shows just how ridiculous the current administration's attack on 80% kits is becoming.
  • Also, the US Supreme Court will again hear a Second Amendment case!
  • Weer'd Brings us a fisk wherein the Brady Campaign encourages a minor to commit multiple felonies;
  • Xander celebrates his one-year anniversary on the show with some reflections on guns and the 2A Community;
  • and finally, David gives through instructions on how to inspect a used revolver for purchase.

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Show Notes

Main Topic:

Weer’d Audio Fisk:

Independent Thoughts with Xander:

Gun Lovers and Other Strangers:

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