Saturday, June 26, 2021

My Letter to the Macomb County, MI Board of Commissioners

I was recently asked to write a letter in favor of making Macomb County, MI a Constitutional (not just 2A) Sanctuary. 

I believe that it's reasonable for anyone to want the law of the land be followed, rather than things that aren't part of the law of the land. In theory, we shouldn't HAVE to ask for a Constitutional Sanctuary, as the whole country should already be one, since the Constitution is the law of the land.

However, given the recent government overreach over the past few years, I see such declarations being necessary and I am happy to lend my voice where needed.

This is the letter which I wrote:

I am pleased to report that the measure passed 8 to 5. Macomb County is now a Constitutional Sanctuary! You can read more about it here and here (there's also video at the second link). 

Before anyone congratulates me for this: I can't claim any more than 1% of the credit for this, and probably less. All the praise and congratulations should go to Thomas Smith, who worked for two years to make this happen. 

If your city, county, or state is working towards becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary or Constitutional Sanctuary, I would be happy to write a similar letter to aid your efforts. You may contact me at erin AT blazingsword DOT org. 

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