Saturday, May 27, 2023

Pride Month Flyers for OBS-PP

Pride month begins next week, and so Operation Blazing Sword - Pink Pistols is proud to announce that we have tri-fold information pamphlets for download. They are double sided, with one side for Operation Blazing Sword and the other for Pink Pistols. Print them out for your table, or grab a handful and pass them around to Pride attendees!

To anticipate a question, "Why Say Queer?" and "Full Circle Support" are deliberately on both sides. Someone may not think to look at the back, or the flyers may be printed out as a single-sided and unfolded sheet, and the repetition ensures that an important message is seen ("Queer") and the other org is listed ("Circle") so that the viewer knows to look for more information. 

Special thanks to David Bock and Tiffany Reynolds for their help in making this project a reality. 

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