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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Et miscellanea

ITEM! I have a new header. Special thanks to Shane Bailey of Near Mint Heroes for designing it.

ITEM! According to this document, you only have until April 5 to vote for Omnicron! Don't delay!

ITEM! Chris Sims has a fetish for goth girls! I take credit for this.

ITEM! I love this picture and need to put it on this page. It might just end up in my Profile.

ITEM! Dante of A Blog Called T has declared Lurking Rhythmically to be "one of his favorite blogs."

ITEM! For those perplexed by the phonetic Chinese in the April Fools' post, here are the translations:
  1. Tian Fuhn Di Fu: "Sky tumbles while earth turns over" -- complete disarray or sheer pandemonium.
  2. Da shiong la se la ch'wohn tian: "Explosive diarrhea of an elephant."
  3. Juh shi suh mo go dohng shee: "What the hell is this crap?"
  4. Lio coh jwei ji neong hur ho deh yung duh buhn jah j'wohn: "Stupid son of a drooling whore and a monkey."
  5. Juh guh jee hua juhn kuh pah: "There's nothing in this plan that isn't horrific."
ITEM! All these fun curses and more can be found in the Serenity RPG!

ITEM! Speaking of Serenity, I really, really want this.

ITEM! Heliumpunk is proceeding nicely. Plok and I are hammering out the details of the setting, and characters and plot are beginning to make themselves known.

ITEM! Expect another article about guns in the near future. I stopped replying because I figured if I kept at it there'd be another full blog in the comments section, but then I wouldn't get credit for it, and what's the point in all that?

ITEM! The phrase "Shot my wad" comes from the era of muzzle-loaders, when soldiers in the heat of battle would forget to insert a bullet after pouring in the gunpowder and tamping down the wad of cotton that held it in place, and end up shooting a blank.

ITEM! I've shot my wad.


Leech said...

Yay for random bits of info.

Dante said...

heck yes, one of my favorite blogs! you and sim's are 2 of my daily must reads :).

Erin Palette said...

I'm honored, flattered, and more than a little surprised.... Sims has been doing this for years about a single subject, whereas I'm a dilettante who wanders between subjects with all the discretion of a drunkard and I've only been at this a few months.

Given the choice between having my ego swell and feeling bad for Chris, I'll choose the enlarged ego. Thanks, Dante! :)

Salem MacGourley said...

e - At first, I thought that was Serafina, better seen at http://marveldatabase.com/Character_Gallery_Serafina, but upon closer inspection, it's not, is it?

What character is that? And by the way, I have to admit to a similar fetish, although mine's dated back about 12 years now..

Erin Palette said...

It's Mary Marvel, who is apparently going evil. Because black obviously means evil.

Isn't that right, Black Canary? What do you think, Black Lightning? And let's ask Black Panther, the ambassador from Marvel...

Shane Bailey said...

Maybe she's taking on Black Adams role or powers since things look to be turning out pretty bad for him in 52 and she lost her powers in the Trials of Shazam mini?

Salem MacGourley said...

That's Mary Marvel? phew, I'm reading the wrong comics, apparently. Actually, come to think of it, that outfit looks sort of like they took Ms Marvel's Warbird suit and added a Michael Turner Supergirl skirt. If she starts wearing a mask, I'm calling shenanigans on DC.

Yamazaki Yoshio said...

I wish I had something better to post other than "hi, Pal-chan!"

If you couldn't guess, it's me, Sorata from CoH. On a whim (a very big whim, but what else is new for me?), I made my own blog. I wanted to ditch LJ anyways... But I'm ranting in your comments section, so I'll leave it at that.

-Locke (aka Sorata)

Nathan said...

Did you ever get your copy of the Serenity's Blueprints?

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