Friday, June 1, 2007

Panda fails at life

From the Associated Press:
The first panda bred in captivity and released into the wild has died in China after less than a year — the apparent victim of a fall.

He survived less than a year despite nearly three years of training on surviving in the wild.
As much as I think pandas are cute and all, I think they should be allowed to die out.

I mean, any animal that's not willing to have sex deserves extinction, ya know?


  1. Granted, Pandas are pretty rare these days, but to get so gosh-darn famous (not to mention survive for so long BEFORE the concept of endangered species), they surely went through some sort of randy period in the past.

    I'd be more interested to know what caused them to lose their virility so? Change in diet? Stress? Panda version of Lesbian Bed Death(the concept, not the band)?

  2. Don't you ever want to just cuddle?


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