Thursday, June 7, 2007

Quick thought of the day

Just a quickie before I dash off to bed (I've had a headache all day, will try to post a double tomorrow):

Can I have Paris Hilton's house arrest? Because dude, I could SO do time in that mansion. Hell, I could do a year and not stress out.

... which pretty much points out its failure as a punishment, yeah?


  1. "Oh no. there is no MIRROR AND PERSONAL WARDROBE in here. I'm going insane gaaaaaah".
    Psychic breakdown my ass.

    This is one of those times were I can see the advantages of having fame and fortune.
    ...of course anonymity has its sweet sweet advantages as well.
    No press photographers documenting your every stupidity for example.
    Nobody saying "I love you" or "I'm your friend" just because they want to take advantage of you.

  2. You know why they released Paris from jail, yes? The guards saw her in the shower, and feared that the inmates had dug an escape tunnel.

    The real losers in all of this are Paris's fellow jailmates. I mean, when else are they going to have the opportunity to stay in a Hilton for the price of a pack of cigarettes?

  3. I've always wanted to have a filthy rich celebrity friend, though.

    I don't want to have to live with the burden of fame myself, but when my rich friend says, "I need crepes, and they don't make them right at the IHOP. Let's charter a jet to Belgium," I want to be there to reap the rewards. Not for money or for sycophantic connections, just the occasional stupid excesses.

  4. That woman is the human equivalent of a Black Hole - vacuous, empty but with enough 'gravity' to suck the light out of the world. Kind of shows the US judicial system up aswell - the right parents or enough money coupled with the right skin colour will see you through every time.

  5. O.J. had the right skin color? Someone better tell Al Sharpton!

    Where are the vigilantes when ya need 'em, kidnapping Paris and locking her up for 3 weeks in a shed somewhere? I want to see her with leg irons, forced to eat fifty eggs and shower with George Kennedy (I learned everything I know about prison from Cool Hand Luke...).

  6. I once did six months without leaving the house, and that was a one-bedroom apartment.

    I could do 40 days in a 4bed/3bath standing on my head.

    Well, not standing on my head. I've incredibly bad balance when I'm upside down.

    I heard she was released for refusing to eat the prison food, BUT THE BIG NEWS is the judge that sentenced her, and the City Attorney are majorly hacked off at this, and have ordered her back to court. One can only hope the Sheriff who cut this unauthorized deal is promptly fired.

  7. Come on troy, you know there's always an exception to the rule and he did have the money.

  8. Fortunately justice HAS prevailed here. Paris is once again back in jail and is to serve out her sentence =)

  9. On a side note, I found this video =)


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