Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Consider yourselves on notice

Attention slacking bloggers!

I have a policy here at Lurking Rhythmically: If you don't update your blog in a month's time, I remove you from my blogroll. (Harsh, I know, but that's just how I roll.) Now normally, I leave some sort of comment on your blogs telling you that it's been nearly a month since you last updated, as a subtle hint to get you back on track, but this time there are simply too damn many of you. So instead, I'm calling you out, in public, because I'm lazy and because it gives ME a blog post without any real effort.

So, if your name is listed here, you have until the end of October to get act together or I will stop visiting your blogs and cease linking to them:
I implore you, if you lack motivation to update your blogs, please join my Chore Wars group which I specifically created for just this sort of thing.

Anyway, so as not to end on a completely bummer note, let me welcome the following blogs to my list:


  1. I'm just in time then, I hope. The personal life is on display this time, with more updates to follow.

  2. Also, I joined Chore Wars, because motivation is something I crave.

    It's asking me for an invite code to your group, though. Do you have one?

  3. Wow look at me, three comments on an older post.

    Nevermind, I found the Chore Wars group, joined, and gosh I like it. Not only did I beat a Stalker while claiming XP for my first post, but it also rewarded me with an ad for Doctor Who series 3 that let me watch 4 clips!


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