Monday, October 1, 2007

Executive Summary Monday

Chuck: Still funny.

Heroes: Much better now that Peter is back.

Journeyman: Beginning to grow on me.

Witch Children Story: Much longer than expected.

Will be done: When it's done.

Palette: adopting Rikti speech pattern.

Sign of: brains going soft.

Will be back: tomorrow.

Stay: tuned.


  1. You sounded kind of like Shatner.

  2. Shatner.:Erin. Not.
    True. Horror.: Shatner. Rikti.
    Sentence. Structure.:Drawn. Out.

    Bah, can't do that anymore. Question though, if he got turned into a Rikti, would he get laid by human chicks finally?

  3. Maybe not. Shatner but, possibly Christopher: Walken.

    Mister! Walken has sometimes been known; to have problems with his verbal? punct(uation). Sentences that run on a little too long that no one is truly sure what the point to begin with was then odd little..

    ..breaks in the middle of so..

    me words.


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