Thursday, January 31, 2008

My first real honest-to-goodness professional writing credit

Three years ago, the Cylons tried to murder the human race.

But we would not die.

Three years ago, the Cylons destroyed our colonies.

But we did not divide.

Three years ago, the Cylons swore to hunt us down and kill us all.

But they have been unable to make good on their pledge.

Humanity is proving very difficult to eradicate.

In this never-ending battle between humanity and Cylon, we are all warriors. Our struggle for survival demands constant wariness, constant preparation for the worst, a constant and unflagging spirit in the face of all alarms and disasters. If we have learned anything from the Cylons, it is this:

(Click on the link or you're a dirty toaster lover and traitor to your species)


  1. But but but.... I LIKE my toaster! Breakfast wouldn't be the same without it!

    So when is your first book signing tour? =)

  2. Hey, you can like your toaster all you want. You just can't love it. KnowwhatImean?

    And while I'm reasonably sure I need to have written a book before I can go on a book signing tour, I'd be more than happy to autograph stuff for people.

  3. So how about putting your Jane Hancock on a check for me?

  4. Sure, Troy. Write me a check and I'll be THRILLED to endorse it! :D

  5. The only check you're getting from me is a gut-check, sister!

  6. Very Nice! Good Job!

  7. It's certainly doing its job very well.

  8. I'm such a bad human. I'm almost in love with my laptop. AND it's got built-in wireless.

    Adama would have me keelhauled.


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