Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WNW: Interviewing Leather

Goddammit, Other People, stop writing stuff that I want to write!

Especially when you're so fucking good at it.

As an aside, when I begin my career in costumed supervillany, I totally want Eric Burns to write my dialogue:
“Good. Now. Since this is a warning — let me give you that official warning, which I’ll be certain to send along to the Guild rep too.” She looked at each of them slowly. “If you ever, ever break my orders again… as God as my witness I will devote whatever time I have out of jail to making your lives living Hells. I will break your knees. I will beat up your wives and kids. I will make fun of your mothers and kill your fucking pets in front of your eyes. My wrath will be as extensive as it will be disproportionate, because I have no. Fucking. Sense. Of perspective. Do you idiots hear me?

Read the whole series. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. While that certainly made for a good read (yes I read 'em all)and it got a couple chuckles out of me and I'll admit, even made me think a bit, especially there in the end, I actually prefer your writing style Palpal.

    While you little vampire in the nightclub thing was certainly shorter, I felt more... umm.. like I was there or something.

    Lt. Helen Troy is another great example. I felt that I could actually understand (if not empathize with) her.

    You have a way of bringing the reader into the story rather than being an outsider looking in or as somebody being told a story by another.

    I think you have the problem of many writers of being your own worse critic. You write good stuff and I hope to read more of it in the (near) future =)


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