Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today is my birthday

I am now 35 years old.

Please note that from this point onward, I have stopped aging. I will be 35 next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

I haven't felt very well these past couple of days. Between my allergies and the time change, I was completely wiped yesterday... my body could have handled one, but not both. Hence my not posting on Monday.

I will be gong out with friends this evening. I hope to have a better post for you later, but it's entirely possible that tonight I will consume far too much alcohol and pass out on a friend's couch. It's equally possible I may wake up tomorrow in Tijuana, married to some guy I've never met. Anyway, barring those circumstances, I will try to have a tasty blog post for you this evening.

All I ask from you, my dear readers, is that you wish me a happy birthday and find some way to express the sentiment that you're happy I was born.



  1. Happy birthday!

    I'll turn 35 in a few weeks. It's a little jarring when I remember to think about it, but then I console myself by remembering that all of the coolest people I know are my age or thereabouts. I'll add you to the list.

  2. Yes, my birthday is on the 10th and yours is on the 11th, and unlike you, I'm wishing you happy birthday on the actual day, slacker!

    Have a great one, mi amiga.

  3. Happy birthday! Have a great day and a great week PalPal!

  4. Happy Hanuk...New Ye...Valen

    Seasons Gree....

    Merry Chr...


    Woot! Gratz on leveling!

    You're max level!

    From now on, it's just bonus abilities =)

  5. I turned 33 last Monday, exactly two weeks after Teh Wife. I agree with your aging plan, by the way... I think I'll max out at 35 as well.

    I really missed you at the wedding over the weekend. I'm sorry you weren't able to come up for it.

    Feel better!


  6. Hey there Ms. Palette: Happy Birthday from all your buds at Quantum Mechanix – a lot of whom have seen 35 come and go and live to tell the tale.

    Sheng ri kuai le!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    35? You're a kid!

    - Johnny Velocity

  8. I am two days late, but I am still wishing you a happy birthday.

    Pretend this is a card that says, "Thank You For Watching My Cat," instead of an actual birthday greeting.


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