Friday, February 13, 2009

No Doll in this House

Dollhouse premieres tonight, but I won't be watching it.

Not because I don't like the premise, because I do. I like Joss Whedon, too, even though he does terrible, horrible things to beloved characters. And Eliza Dushku always brings the sexay to anything she's in.

No, I refuse to watch this show because it's on FOX. You may recall them as the network that seems committed to smothering new shows before they develop:
(Now I'm not claiming that all of these series were good; in fact, I didn't even see some of them. The point remains, however, that FOX has a track recording for developing geek-friendly shows and then canning them before they've found their legs.)

And this doesn't even count the series that managed to last over 13 episodes before being cancelled, like Tru Calling or Arrested Development or Dark Angel. I still expect The Sarah Connor Chronicles to get canned any moment now, seeing as it (and Dollhouse) occupies the Friday Night Death Slot.

And it's premiering on Friday the 13th, no less. Could this show possibly be born under an unluckier star?

(Well, yes.)

So in light of this, I will not watch Dollhouse, and will not until the following occurs:
  1. It runs for a full season.
  2. Its first season is released on DVD.
  3. It is renewed for a second full season.
You're free to tell me I'm being an ass about this, but I'm tired of having my heart broken. It's not like I'm a Nielsen Femily member or something, so the success of the show is entirely independent of whether or not I watch it. I knew Drive would be cancelled, and it was; I think this one will be, too, even though I hope it won't.

Tho those folks who are brave enough to watch it: Enjoy. I mean it; there is no sarcasm. But I know that I cannot enjoy it, because in the back of my head there will be a little voice that says "If you like this show, then FOX will cancel it."

I'd like to conclude this post with a message to Joss Whedon.

Dear Joss,

After Firefly was cancelled, you once swore that you would never, ever, work for FOX again, and yet here you are.

Yes, I know that they have given you a contract for multiple episodes. I seem to recall they did the same thing for Firefly.

So while I sincerely wish you and your show well, IF Dollhouse is cancelled, don't have the gall to be surprised.

Erin Palette


  1. Well. The FOX murdercrew is no longer in charge though, is it?

  2. They crapped all over Sliders too. I've been wary since then.

  3. oh, Harsh Realm. you are missed.

  4. I watched it. It was OK but not really that notable, suffering from the glut of "shows just like that" (hot chick spy shows built around the same formula - Alias, Dark Angel, Painkiller Jane etc.) over the last several years. One can argue it's a little better done and a little deeper than those, but "one of the glut, but a little better" is not a strong market niche.

  5. Gotta agree with Mr. mxyzplk on this one. I didn't even finish the episode. Granted, I'm not a huge TV watcher to begin with, so maybe I just haven't been properly conditioned for this sort of thing. But it's a pilot episode, and seems to be laying the groundwork for "we'll be teasing these girls with the truth that they're mind-wiped every week, but we'll never let them realize what's really going on until we really need to crank the ratings, probably at a season finale, at which point the sympathetic ex-cop will be forced to do something that will make the already mountanous guilt he's carrying all that much worse and the geeky jerk will prove himself indespensible to the girls just before they exact some sort of hideously creative revenge. Oh, and the FBI guy will have the truth, but he won't be able to do anything about it, and like Enigo Montoya, he'll be left with nothing else to replace the huge hole this quest has left in his life."

    So, yeah, not really fired up here.


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