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Friday, March 20, 2009

<_< >_> <_<

Oh shit, I have a blog.

Um... okay. Sorry about that, gang. And preemptive sorries to my Twitter crowd, as well. The past few weeks have been...

Ok, first there was the time change, which fucked me up good and proper. Then my birthday was on the 11th, and there was more or less a week-long debauch as various friends took me out to dinner and/or Watchmen and/or mini golf and/or drinking, and then for a while my allergies proceeded to mug me in a dark alley and kick me to the curb.

And next thing I knew, it was St. Patrick's Day, and... well....

Let's just say I've had a 2-week hangover, shall we? Yes.

HOWEVER! I have some great news. Well, great for me, and good for those of you who play City of Heroes, and probably pretty indifferent to the rest of y'all.

Issue 14 hit open Beta this Tuesday. This is important because i14 is called Architect, and features a highly robust edito for creating custom missions which you can then publish for public consumption. If you are so inclined, you can even create custom enemies within this custom mission for people to fight.

So you guys can probably figure out what I've been doing since Tuesday.

Arc #7147, aka "Plastic Pistol Peril", is up for testing on the Test Server. I think I've got the wrinkles all ironed out and when i14 goes live, it should be damn near perfect (and hopefully with a much lower arc number.) So if you're so inclined, head on over to Test Server and give it a try.

Because Pohsyb did. (For those who don't play CoH or read the forums, he's a Developer.) He read it. And he liked it.

And he gave it five fucking stars!!!

A quote:
"I liked how you used the game lore, the all-friendly mission was neat, they sure love donuts... even the police drones."
So yes. It's official. I rawk. \m/ ^_^ \m/

And I must give a big "THANK YOU" shout-out to my homie Troy Hickman, who plugged me so nicely on the CoH forums (unf unf unf) and without whom I wouldn't have gotten noticed like this.


  1. I wish I could play it! Are players able to sort by author's name so I can find and play your arcs the next time a free veteran's weekend comes around?

  2. Yeah, I tried to find it Erin, but there are thousands of arcs out on Test and lets just say the search function is lacking.

  3. Happy birthday and congrats! Nothing like a little praise from your peers who are more than praiseworthy themselves. :D

  4. @John: Yes, you can search by Global name when i14 goes live. Mine of course is @Palette.

    @David: Search for arc #7147.

    @Trollsmyth: Why thank you! :D


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