Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WNW: Date My Avatar

You will be humming this catchy bubblegum tune for days.

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  1. I was going to post this one in the Kickers chat a few days ago, but I never get any replies there.
    It is addictive isn't it.

    Speaking of Felicia Day and "Nerd culture" (or whatever you call it).
    I wish the guild had been 10 years ago.
    Back then MMOs were fringe culture, and heavily identifying yourself with it was, while not mainstream suicide, a stigma.
    Some people outside might flirt with the culture, but it was easy to see through it. You knew who was genuinely part of sub-culture (I think).

    These days there is always that tiny voice at the back of my head nagging "Genuine or clever marketing?".
    Sometimes it doesn't bother me, usually when I'm in a phenomenological self-centric state, only concerned with taking everything in and not with what anyone else thinks.
    At other times it's a real buzzkill, forcing me to analyze and think about it (and reducing the entertainment value. Making it less pure).
    Usually when I'm feeling blue (I wouldn't say depressed), when I need to spend time with like-minded and go to my "happy place". And when I need it the most I can't be sure of it anymore.

    We're at the point (and have been since the release of WoW really) where Nerdery has become subject to the equivalent of Fake Skate and "TeeHee bisexuals".
    Sad isn't it?


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