Friday, January 22, 2010

You should do this thing

We can discuss in greater detail where I've been lately and why I suck so hard. Right now, there are more important things to talk about.

If you're like me, you're probably appalled at the tragedy in Haiti and at the same time sick of hearing about it night after night. It's okay to feel that way, though; it's human to not want to be reminded of suffering and death on a nightly basis.

But I have to tell you that part of that dread comes from guilt. Maybe you feel guilty that you haven't helped, or haven't helped enough (though what constitutes enough is purely between you and your neuroses; I won't presume to lecture you), or maybe you have some bizarre form of survivor's guilt.

So here's what you do to alleviate that guilt: You head on over to Gamers Help Haiti at RPGNow/Drive-thru RPG. If you donate $5 or $10, they will match your donation. If you donate $20, you get over $1400 worth of digital downloads in return.

Look guys, rarely do you get the opportunity to do the right thing AND make a profit doing it. Your money goes to Doctors Without Borders, which is a bona-fide Good Guy Organization, and you get nifty swag for your trouble.

As of this writing, gamers have raised over $90,000 for relief efforts in Haiti.

Go now, and do this Good Deed, and reap the fruit of your efforts.


  1. being poor, i help in more subtle ways. like convincing my boss that instead of charging full price to the group our local hospital is sending to Haiti, that we should sell the items at cost.
    I ended up saving those volunteers like seven hundred dollars.

  2. which meant they could buy more food to distribute.

  3. Danicus, that is FUCKING AWESOME! Way better than donating $20. :D

  4. It's just amazing how much this promotion has raised - it's at $138k already! I wasn't sure there were that many gamers that knew about RPGnow. I gave, and it's taking me three days to download all the booty!


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