Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Already I've failed

Yes, here it is, the 5th of January, and I've already broken not one but TWO resolutions this year.

Now admittedly, the first was just asking to be broken, what with its "I shall post on this blog every day this year," but that was my token aim-big-miss-big resolution which always gets broken early so I don't have to dread failure and I can get on with my life.

But now I've broken my second resolution, which was "Okay, seriously, I'll post something before midnight every weekday." I had every intention of doing this last night, but... y'know, stuff happens. I got distracted, and then it was late and I went to bed.

So now I'm working on my third resolution which is "How about posting five times a week, Erin? Can you manage that, you slack-ass?" Only time will tell on this, but I'm guessing the answer is a big resounding "No."

My last two resolutions are a lot more attainable. One of them is "Take better care of my teeth," which is easy because I've already gotten into that habit as a result of last year's intense dentistry. I do need to make a concentrated effort to floss more, but it's not as big a deal as it is for some people because I only have 28 teeth (no wisdom teeth, plus 2 others removed in High School on advice of my orthodontist because I have a small mouth [hah!] and the teeth were crowding each other) and so my standard regimen of "rinse with plaque loosener, brush vigorously, and rise again with fluoride works pretty well.

My final resolution is, of course, to write more/better/faster on Curse/Or. I really want to finish Chapter 5 in January, because that finishes the first Act and that's a tangible reward for me. It's so close I can taste it, and now that Christmas is over I feel like my life is finally my own again.

So, that's me. How about you guys?

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