Friday, February 5, 2010


Me: An accomplished Game Mistress of many systems with years of experience, capable of improvising quickly and willing to run a fun, high-octane and high-drama game.

You: A role-playing gamer of the pen and pencil variety, capable of playing well with others, who doesn't whine when things don't go your way, and able to act instead of just react.

The Game: 7th Sea, a romantic and swashbuckling game of action, adventure and intrigue, set in a fantasy version of Europe-with-the-serial-numbers-filed-off during the Age of Exploration.

The Requirements: Willingness to join Google Wave; willingness to install Dropbox on your computer so you can access the game books I provide; ability to check Wave and respond to it at least once a day, but 2+ times are preferable.

If you are interested, either leave a comment here, or email me at erin dot palette at gmail dot com. You have the option of making your own character or taking over the character of a former player.

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