Saturday, February 13, 2010

The secret meaning of Pellatarrum

I have been reminded by a certain infernal lagomorph that I am a week late in revealing the true meaning of Pellatarrum, as I had promised earlier. I shall rectify that now, though I warn you, the truth is both boring and lame.

For the longest time, I had the concept of Pellatarrum worked out in my head but lacked a suitable name for, and instead referred to it as "my fantasy world," a name which got the job done but lacked a certain luster.

Attempts at freeform naming resulted in either gibberish or words which didn't feel properly fantastic. Naming, as we all know, is a very aesthetic endeavor.

Eventually I tired of the situation and resolved to finish it, even if it meant having to cheat. So I went online and looked up the Latin words for "Palette"(pala, which technically is a spade and therefore closer to palette knife than anything else, but it's the best I could do) and "World" (terrarum, from orbis terrarrum, meaning "the Earth"), picked a declension I liked, and messed with them a bit until they sounded right.

So, Pellatarrum is very sloppy Latin for "Palette's World". Isn't that thrilling?


  1. I think I liked my explaination better =P

  2. Sadly, I liked your explanations better as well.

  3. Don't worry. My fantasy world is called "Mithika."


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