Monday, March 8, 2010

Erin's Capricious Musings

(post #1 of clearing my backlog)

If you've shopped at Amazon, you may have noticed a curious thing on the right side of the screen, sandwiched between ads: the PayPhrase.

Now I'm not going to bore you with what it really is, because what is far more interesting is the random collection of words it creates when you click on this link. It's far more interesting if you already have an Amazon account, because then it renders your first name in front of the word salad, along the formula of "(names)'s (adjective) (noun)."

I think this is wonderfully inspirational and potentially hysterical, because the combinations which result have a distinctly awkward syntax to them, and suggest a florid martial arts move, a spell, a magical item, or perhaps an adventure seed of some kind.

Therefore I posit a challenge to all of my fellow-blogging Game Masters: generate a Payphrase that strikes your fancy, and create something from it. There are no prizes other than bragging rights, acclaim from your peers, and (hopefully) an assortment of odd ideas that you can sift through the next time you are bored or stymied or just looking for a good laugh.

How does a week sound? A week to generate your phrase, write something amusing, and report back here with a comment or a link. Very well, then. To arms!

EDIT: A big thank-you to everyone who is visiting me from Old School Rant. And welcome to my madness! Due to a tragic case of not enough people participating, I have extended the deadline (such as it ever was) and I encourage all of you visiting folks to enter my Amazon PayPhrase Challenge.

By participating, you are contributing strange or amusing notions to the knowledge base of Dungeon Masters everywhere, and that's just universally good. I don't care which game system you stat it for (if you stat it at all; a good idea is its own reward, after all, and easily adapted), just let me know what you've done and I'll link to it.

Here is the list of submitted ideas:
  1. Ehrynn's Perfect Match by me
  2. Brian’s Satyrical Poetry by Trollsmyth
  3. Tim's Pleasant Cooperation by Hexarchy who, sadly, has since deleted his blog, and if he's posted a new one I can't find it any more. Call me, Hex! 


  1. I'm in!

    Hmmm... "Brian's Satirical Poetry"...

  2. oops forgot "Tim's Pleasant Cooperation"

  3. ok here is my entry


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