Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feel Free to Use These

Earlier today on Twitter I was helping Marcian Tobay with a project by trying to generate a name for her work-in-progress card game, which is "a recreation of that final epic battle your 4 legendary warriors face at the end of every JRPG ever. It's beauty and insanity."

As it turns out, she didn't like any of my ideas. These things happen, but still... sigh.

Anyway, I think these are great names and I don't want them to go to waste, so I'm tossing them out into the IntarWebz for people to use.

Legendary Falling Cherry Blossom Perfect Strike

Perfect Falling Strike of Cherry Blossoms

Epic Destiny Unfurls Like a Scroll Listing the Names of the Dead

Battle Apotheosis Stratagem

Destiny Guides My Hand to Defeat You

Exaltation of Perfect Duel Techniques

Sublime Endgame Gambit

Graceful Decapitation Maneuver

Godlike Devastation Battle

I'm sure that players or GMs of Exalted can find good homes for these. Enjoy!


  1. Hm. Can I play with the words too?

    Legendary Exaltation of the Graceful Cherry Blossom Strike

  2. You may like the new Iron Fist series which has a number of trades out at this point.

    An example being: Black Bastard Heartcrusher

    At the moment he's running about with other Immortal Weapons such as Fat Cobra, Bride of Nine Spiders, Dog Brother #1, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter and the Prince of Orphans.


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