Friday, October 8, 2010

Pellatarrum: Energy Channeling

I had originally intended to include this with yesterday's posts about priests but I was a goof and forgot. Once again. here be crunchy mechanics. I apologize if this is a bit brusque, but I have been struggling with this all day and have decided I was over-explaining things. So I'm going to jump right in and see if folks pick up on it immediately, and attempt an explanation if they don't.

Energy Channeling vs. Elemental Disorders

Individuals suffering from Despondence are vulnerable to Turning and Commanding by clerics with the Turn Undead and Command Undead feats, respectively. Suffering from Despondence does not automatically make the sufferer undead, however, and does not make them vulnerable to any other effects which specifically target undead, unless they already possessed the subtype.

Similarly, those suffering from Mania are vulnerable to Turning by those with Command Undead, and Command by those with Turn Undead.

Priests with the Elemental Channel feat and either Turn Undead or Command Undead may also effect those people whose elemental disorder matches the subtype (air, earth, fire, water) named when the feat was chosen.

Hopefully this is clear. I hate trying to express a concept in exacting rules-legalese.

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