Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why all this Pellatarrum crap, Erin?

... I hear you asking. Well, the answer is simple, really: while I was working for the census this summer, doing lots of boring clerical work, my mind had time to wander and think about things. Sadly, I wasn't able to use this time to work on Curse/Or, because that requires concentration and attention to detail, but Pellatarrum is another matter because, as a setting, it is a bit more compartmentalized.

So I have all these ideas which I would like to get down on paper before I forget them, and it feels like I'm getting close to finishing all of this -- at least as much as any campaign setting can ever be finished. I have 2 more seasons to do, which will be easy enough, and I want to do a post on each of the 8 major races, which will take longer and might not happen in this current writing cycle. After that, I want to address various monster issues, notably trying to resolve things which don't make sense to me, but that can be done piecemeal.

I have this fantasy of being able to offer the Pellatarrum campaign bible to a publisher like Paizo or Green Ronin and having them buy it, maybe even hire me to develop it professionally, but I doubt this will ever happen. Still, if anyone from a game company is reading this, please email me!

Anyway, I realize that making a fully-fledged and sensible campaign setting is a long and winding road, and I will miss things along the way. Therefore I would like to call upon all of my loyal readers to do 2 things for me:

One, make suggest things you would like to know about Pellatarrum. Something I take for granted may be something mysterious and interesting to you. Plus it will give me a list of things to refer to when I have the time to write but don't know what I want to talk about.

Second -- and this is where my ego gets involved -- I would really like more followers. It bugs me that I only 45 followers with Google Friend Connect when there are blogs out there (I'm not naming names but you know who you are!) who update maybe a few times a month and have 70+ readers. I'm not trying for D&D with Pornstars ratings (though to be fair, I would kill for his readership), but more readers are always better.

I have considered the possibility of pimping my blog on various RPG forums (ENWorld, Paizo, etc) but have refrained because it seems a very crass thing to do. Also, I worry about the quality of people those boards attract. While I can take harsh criticism of my work, I would prefer to avoid the inevitable "This sucks, you can't write, go die in a fire" trolling that seems to come with RPG forums. But if anyone can recommend a board full of mature readers who will refrain from personal attacks (HA!) then please let me know.

Thanks for your continued readership, and I look forward to seeing your suggestions!


  1. I'd suggest the forums at the Kenzer & Company site: http://kenzerco.com/forums Lots of good people there, and the board is well managed.

  2. Try the forums at Fear the Boot (http://www.feartheboot.com/ftb/). They are a fairly civilized lot. I used to spend tons of time there until I realized I was spending more time reading and not enough time writing.

  3. I do RPG book reviews on a regular, often weekly basis. I have no problem 'pimping' my reviews to the world. Why? If I don't share them, I am just talking to a camera, alone. Getting them out there starts dialogs. And isn't that the point of blogging or vlogging?

  4. "Build it and they will come." Post regularly (which you seem to be doing), and be social (in terms of following and commenting on other folks blogs) and you'll attract readers, I think. That second part is important, because getting people to add you to their blogrolls or comment on one of your posts in one of theirs brings people to your site.


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