Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Status Report

Sorry for falling off the planet for the past few days. It's been my usual complaint of frequent, crippling headaches, combined with burning seething hatred at the enforced pre-holiday cheer. Bah humbug.

I plan to have something entertaining written tonight, but my body could defy me yet again. Either way, here is your State of the Palette report for Fall 2010:
  • Sales of Undefeatable #21 are coming right along, and I thank you for that. Please keep it up and refer the product to people who play Pathfinder, or at least don't mind contributing 6 bits to a struggling writer. I'm working on something else for LPJ, having to do with the Summoner (and no, it's not a collection of feats) but it's proving rather elusive as it requires a fair amount of psycho-ergonomics, if that makes any sense.
  • I have been offered the position of Staff Writer for an e-zine called Zombie Research Daily, which is being produced by the Zombie Research Society. My area of expertise will be mental survival, including psychological preparation for a zombie outbreak, and how to stay sane during one. I find it humorous that my editor's first response to me was "You are mental."  (Well duuuh. :P)  Our first issue should be some time in January. 
  • I am also in discussions with Adam Thompson of Unicorn Rampant, who is interested in having me author an article (and perhaps more, if it is received well) about Pellatarrum. This is fantastic news, as it gets my setting the publicity I so desperately crave, and it gives me hope I might actually be able to make a living as a writer/game designer. 

I will of course let you know how all of these develop, once the details have been finalized.


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