Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WMW: Quote of the Day (gunblogger edition)

From A Girl and Her Gun:

"I don't exactly live life on the edge, but regardless of the risks, I am going to sniff my rifle from time to time."

AGirl is a member of the Mosin Militia. Owning a Mosin will do that to a person. :D


  1. I confess to sniffing my firearms from time to time.  If you ever hand me yours, I might sniff it too.

  2. I, too, own a Mosin. And a Saiga.

    Sometimes I worry about my fondness for Commie rifles.

  3. Two Mosin's in the gunsafe M44 and 91/30. Much fun and good times...

    Reminds me...they need to get to the range and soon!!

  4. I actually traded a 1911 for Mosin, a case of ammo, and some cash.  I've been very happy with the decision.  

  5. i sniffed my mosin today and thought of you. :)

  6.  Be sure to think of AGirl as well. :D


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