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Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Freeman

So, about five years ago I tried to start a meme about how Morgan Freeman is sexy, sassy, smooth-talking pimp-daddy. It didn't take off. Turns out I wasn't wrong, I was just ahead of my time.


And I daresay this gives Gilbert Gottfried's reading a run for his money:


  1. Just JYI, that's not really Morgan Freeman, but Josh Robert Thompson, who also voices, Geof the Robot Skeleton, on the Late, Late, Show with Craig Ferguson. 

  2.  That should read FYI. Doh.

  3. The fact that Josh shows up in the first clip is a bit of a giveaway, yes. :P

    Is meme. Is not meant to accurate. Is meant to be funny. :D

  4. I didn't know about titty sprinkles, and now I'm their biggest fan.

  5. Daww, the second one got yanked.  

  6. Yeah, it sucks. Apparently the artist was asked to take it down. 

    Still, you got "Titty Sprinkles."


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