Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm not anti-other guys, I'm pro-catsuit

Have you donated to Kilted to Kick Cancer yet?  If not, then be advised that brony and holster-maker extraordinaire Evyl Robot Michael has upped the ante significantly:

JayG offered to shave his face
Kelly offered to shave half his ‘stache
Then, Stingray offered to wax his junk
These guys are talking like I’m not even in the room, and it’s very irritating. As of yesterday, I was in third place. As of this writing, I am in fourth, but it’s by a narrow margin. This is not a competition between the three of them. I have spoken with my lovely wife and we have a new offer. 
If I win first place in the KTKC 2012, I will publish a video of the sexy Jennifer.
In a shiny, black, vinyl catsuit. 
Shooting a Barrett M82A1. 
I’m talking multiple angles, with some high-speed stuff. So, who’s in?

So just to be clear, if Michael wins:

  • Lots of money is donated to prostate cancer research;
  • A brony gets nice prizes;
  • You guys get fanservice of an attractive lady in a tight black vinyl catsuit shooting a large gun. 

This is what we call a "win-win" scenario. So donate in the name of catsuit fanservice!


  1. Thanks Erin!

  2. Another reason to regret being dead broke.

    (If you're still trailing after this, consider offering an actual portrait of yourself, to compare to the assorted avatars you've used.)

  3. Bwah? I'm not in the competition at all. KtKC seems to be an all-male challenge; I'm just here on the sidelines cheering them on. 

  4. Oh, I see how it is. You give someone advice, linky love, and even get Tamara to link them, and this is the thanks you get...

  5. I should really take the time to read this stuff twice before ripping off a comment. Somehow I missed a quote indent and got the impression you were part of this. Possibly the FB press you've given the drive aided my error.

    Better yet, I need to put that LOLcats "stop posting" pic up as wallpaper.

  6.  Back off Jay!  She was my friend first.  :P

  7. Boys! Boys! As my title says, I am not anti-Jay G., I am pro-catsuit. 

    Clearly this means Jay must step up his game and offer to pose in something similarly revealing, like a banana hammock.  ;)

  8. Want a sneak peek? 

  9. Friday is my payday. This. Must. Happen.

  10.  So not Jay in a catsuit???

  11. I'm not sure they make catsuits in his size, but if he has one, sure, go for it!


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