Thursday, November 29, 2012


Less than $45 dollars until Ye Olde Handgonne Raffle reaches Stretch Goal #3. When this happens you will be eligible to win all this:

  • Jackalope Rifle Company 50 caliber handgonne
  • A supply of 50 call bullets
  • miscellaneous shot, patches, lube and fuse
  • A ramrod, lighter, touch hole pick, and powder measure
  • A powder horn and two pounds of 3F black powder (shipping restrictions apply).
To enter this contest, go to Tam's place and donate. After you donate, forward the e-mail receipt to Jennifer at with the code JACK in the subject line.
  • $15 dollars gets you a single solitary ticket.
  • $25 gets you two tickets. 
  • $50 gets you five tickets. 
The drawing is on December 10th, so if you want to enter you'd better hurry! And remember, if you donated to the Care Box of Magical Giggles, your total ticket count will go up by 50% (rounded up). So if you sent something in, you have no good reason NOT to buy a ticket or ten.



  1. Anything you can do to increase exposure of this will help! Thanks!

  2. is this a matchlock? the link goes somewhere strange.


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